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Gefle IF vs GIF Sundsvall Prediction

Gefle IF
GIF Sundsvall
Friday, 17 May 2024
FT 1 - 0

Prediction Insights

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The prediction is for a low-scoring game, with total Goals Under 3.5, with a success chance of 59%.


Check each team stats and insights, if they're available, to see if you think the prediction is right.

Gefle IF Insights

Gefle IF stayed unbeaten in their last 4 games, saw fewer than 2.5 goals in their last 3 matches, maintained a clean sheet in their past 3 games, remained undefeated in their last 4 home games, scored at least one goal in their previous 2 games.

GIF Sundsvall Insights

GIF Sundsvall faced defeats in their previous 3 games, suffered losses in their recent 5 away games, scored fewer than 0.5 goals in the second half of each of their recent 3 games.

Gefle IF Stats

In the last games, Gefle IF has shown diverse performance statistics. They have a win rate of 20%, while their draw rate stands at 40%. On the other hand, they lost 40% of the games. Interesting aspects include a 10% rate of winning with over 1.5 goals scored and a 30% rate of losing while conceding over 1.5 goals. On average, Gefle IF scores 1 goals per game and concedes 2 goals per game. Their clean sheet rate is 40% of the games, and the team scored in 70% of the games. Goals were scored in both halves in 20% of the games, and both teams scored (BTTS) in 50% of the matches. The combination of winning and BTTS occurred in 0% of the games, while a draw with BTTS was seen in 20%, and losing with BTTS in 30%. The match total goals were 0 goals in 20% of the games, 1 goal in 20% of the games, 2 goals in 10% of the games, 3 goals in 10% of the games, and 4 or more goals in 40% of the games.

GIF Sundsvall Stats

In their recent games, GIF Sundsvall has demonstrated varied performance levels. Their win rate is 30%, complemented by a draw rate of 10%, and a loss rate of 60%. Notably, they have won 20% of games with over 1.5 goals and lost 20% of the games while conceding over 1.5 goals. On the scoring front, GIF Sundsvall averages 1 goals per game and concedes 1 goals per game. Their ability to keep a clean sheet stands at 20%, and they have scored in 50% of their matches. They achieved goals in both halves in 20% of the games, while both teams scored (BTTS) in 30% of the encounters. Winning while achieving BTTS occurred in 10% of the matches, drawing with BTTS in 10%, and losing with BTTS in 10%. Regarding match total goals, the statistics were 0 goals in 0% of the games, 1 goal in 50% of the games, 2 goals in 30% of the games, 3 in 0% of the games, and 4 or more goals in 20% of the games.

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